SIA Switzerland Finalists

We are happy to announce the 13 SIA Switzerland Finalists who will be incubated at Impact Hub Geneva.

They will receive a rich coaching and mentorship program, a series of business workshops, talks and panels, a variety of networking opportunities and collaborations and the opportunity to work from an inspiring co-working environment.

This year’s applicant pool is diverse and passionate, with creative socially-driven business ideas that aim to make positive change.
The criteria for selecting the finalists were mainly these three: Social Impact, Innovation and Feasibility.

Congratulations to the finalists and to all applicants. All the projects presented were extremely interesting and we look forward to seeing them all turn into reality.

Finally, thank you to our expert jury members for taking the time and giving your valuable input!

We look forward to guiding all the finalists on their projects during the summer and keeping you updated with their successes, experiences and challenges.

CO-Objectifs 21 SA

En utilisant ce qui est présent localement et en créant des chaînes de valeur ajoutées, CO-Objectifs 21 SA va participer activement à la création de ce monde d'abondance sans déchets sur le territoire Genevois.

Cuisine Lab

A Social Culture & Cooking Lab community of locals and newcomers using culture and cooking as a catalyst for intercultural exchange, personal growth, and integration. We celebrate the importance of our collective diversity and through building respect and understanding we create opportunities to solve systemic social issues together.
Facebook page: Cuisine Lab


Epi’Coop is a participative cooperative connecting refugees and migrants with the local population by working together in the retail sale of local products. The grocery works with volunteers, members of the cooperative, and it enables refugees to get financial benefits and supports them integrating into new social and professional networks in order to help them to find job opportunities in Geneva.


Gymitrainer is a fun and engaging online learning platform for the Swiss high school entrance exam.

Internet for Girls

Internet for Girls in an introductory programming course for girls between 12 and 15 years old in rural areas of Ukraine. During this course, girls will learn the most publicly used coding language like HTML, CSS, Java Script and will develop a webpage. The aims of the course are to break the barrier of girls exclusion from the ICT field, to promote different career paths and to encourage the start of moving from one technology to another.


L'éthiquette is a platform which centralized the offer of sustainable and ethical clothes and offers them to rent in Switzerland. The sustainability and ethics of each piece and fabricant will be analyzed.


Le projet a pour mission la création d’un centre socio-culturel Suisse au Vietnam; un lieu d’échanges culturels et de rencontres dans le but de promouvoir une Suisse cosmopolite et innovante. A l'image de cette Suisse aux multiples facettes, le centre fournirait une offre variée avec un réel savoir-faire "swiss made" dans divers domaines d'activités.


Basé sur le principe du coworking, MarketLab rassemble dans une halle couverte à Lausanne différents producteurs alimentaires et artisans du goût pour permettre de faire l'intégralité de ses courses alimentaires à prix abordable tout en prenant un verre.


MeasurImpact is a web tool with the aim to democratize methods to measure impacts on society and environment. It will allow social entrepreneurs and investors to account for their impacts easily and transparently.


MotherStories souhaite mettre en lumière les femmes en leur permettant de partager leurs expériences autour des multiples sujets liés à la maternité.

Rendre le Style au Vêtement

Marque de vêtements en maille qui favorise l'artisanat ainsi que le respect des différents acteurs de la production et de leurs conditions de travail, de la nature et du vêtement en lui-même.


Thinkmilk develops devices and services to control milk substances rate and diseases. It aims to reduce the expressive milk waste due to bacteria and somatic cells in South America.

Waterdrop Vietnam

The project aims at building lasting social, economic, health and environmental impacts through the implementation of low-technologies to improve drinking water access in Vietnam.

Pourquoi participer au SIA, par les fondateurs des projets finalistes SIA?

@Co-Objectifs 21 SA: Passionné par l'environnement, je suis heureux de participer à un concours qui cherche des projets qui agissent pour le bien commun.

@LittleSwitzerland: Nous participons au SIA pour tester la faisibilité de notre projet aupres des experts ayant des compétences complémentaires aux notres.

@MarketLab: Afin d'avoir des différents "insights" sur notre modèle d'affaire, des visions différentes, des informations complémentaires et être "challangées" sur notre projet.

@GrosselinCulture: Découvrir de nouveaux projets / personnes avec lesquels collaborer ou promouvoir dans le futur.

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