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    Our project aims at building lasting social, economic, health and environmental impacts through the implementation of low technologies to improve drinking water access in Vietnam.

    In developing countries, water remains one of the main causes of mortality. Indeed, polluted water often leads to water-borne diseases for population health. Besides, since the introduction of powder milk, water is also an important cause of death for newborn children (UNICEF, 2015). It is important to note that tap water provided in Vietnam is not potable. Further treatments are often needed. While in the 1990’s, around 2 people over 5 didn’t have access to any improved water facility (WHO, 2015) in Vietnam, important progress have been made. However, part of the population, particularly in rural regions still has no access to improved water sources which represents at least 1.9 million inhabitants.

    We believe that applied sciences and developmental engineering can make a change, if they are included in sustainable social and economic models. Our aim is to improve drinking-water access in Vietnam, especially for children living in vulnerable and remote regions (either at orphanages, schools or household level). To achieve our objective, we have recently created Waterdrop Vietnam, a scientific and technological organization gathering young water experts and changemakers around this cause. Our aim is not limited to one country. Indeed, by identifying models (low-cost water-access scientific methods, integrated into efficient social and economic models) we aim at finding reproducible solutions. Once we understand the success factors of a given solution, we can relatively easily imitate a model into another region.

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  1. Sidonie Martin Mars says: September 1, 2017 at 10:33Reply

    C’est un projet intéressant car il concilie la technologie et l’humain dans une réalité économique et environnemtale de terrain
    Une démarche pragmatique qui a du sens éthique