• Gymitrainer


    Gymitrainer is a fun and engaging online learning platform for the Swiss high school entrance exam.

    The Problem
    The high school entrance exam is the biggest standardized math school test in Switzerland. In the canton of Zurich alone, each year up to 8000 students take this test. The result of the test determines whether a student can enter high school and therefore opens the door to higher education. Despite the importance of the test, the state does not provide a homogenous preparation process. Many private companies fill the gap and charge horrendous sums of up to 4’000 CHF for their services. This not only creates an imbalance in the educational equality of opportunities, but its cost creates a lot of performance pressure on students who may lose their joy of learning.

    Our Solution
    Here our online course comes into play. Our course structures the whole content in a clear and entertaining fashion, with the help of state of the art technology. We provide a script, explaining videos and interactive exercises that split the whole theory into small junks and playfully educate the student into mastery. In addition to that, students can do a test training online that gives them a realistic feedback on their level and enables a comparison to everyone else using the website. Our online course can be used as the sole tool of preparation or be combined with a group course that is led by a teacher. Our goal is to provide our service at an affordable price for everyone so as to ensure a fair preparation for students from all backgrounds.