Our coaches for the SIA Finalists 2018

Biliana Vassileva

Biliana is passionate about designing, facilitating and coaching the emergence of co-created organizational cultures based on radical collaboration for social innovation.

Biliana started her career 20 years ago working for the United Nations in the health sector. Then she moved to South-East Asia, where she worked with the United Nations and NGOs on women’s empowerment, health and education. Additionally, Biliana curated more than 50 conferences on Laos and Thai history, culture and current affairs. At present, she: 1) coaches multidisciplinary teams in finding innovative solutions to persisting social problems; 2) supports the Impact Hub Association in designing their future; 3) curates contents and happiness for G3iD; and 4) trains and supports refugees in facilitating “Designing Your Life” workshops in their languages within their communities.

She holds Master’s Degrees in Sociology and Leadership Innovation & Change; and is a certified Executive & Organizational Business Coach for Social Change.

Biliana loves laughing, dancing, and skiing.

Mukul Kumar

With more than 25 years of experience in sustainable economic development spanning work on projects in more than 50 countries across 5 continents, Mukul has a passion for “bridging the implementation gap”.

He has extensive program design, finance, implementation and monitoring experience and has worked on different roles like founding and managing his own social enterprises, business coach for innovative initiatives, working for a donor government (Switzerland), to consultant, advisor and mentor. Over the years, in his work and life, Mukul tries to follow the principle of “feet on the ground and head in the sky”, i.e. to keep a good balance between practice and theory.

Born in India, he has a Bachelor from Trent University, Canada; a Master in International Economics and Management from SDA Bocconi, Italy; and a Certificate in Socially Responsible Finance from the Institute of Social Banking and Alanus University, Germany. He has been living in Switzerland since 1993.

Anaïs Pavret de La Rochefordière

Anaïs is Senior Consultant in a team dedicated to providing consulting services to International Organisations and NGOs that she joined 8 years ago.

Through her work, she supports a variety of organisations in increasing their efficiency, effectiveness and impact through the review of their processes and projects. She has deep experience in working with multi-stakeholder partnerships, and coordinating multi-location assignments. Anaïs’ professional experience has provided her with know-how in project/programme management, strategic and management reviews, quantitative and qualitative assessments, monitoring & evaluation, and work plan design in the field of International Development.

She also recently got involved in exciting projects related to the areas of diversity & inclusion and of co-creation, and is in charge of an environmental initiative that is part of her company’s CSR activities.

On a more personal level, Anaïs is a happy spouse and new mother, practices yoga, loves food and fashion, and regularly keeps an eye on activities that seek to have a positive social impact, whether at local or international level.

Anaïs holds a Master of Arts in International Relations and a Master of Sciences in International Business & Management.

Tony Cooke

Tony is the founding CEO of OPEN, One Planet Business.

Tony is an adventurer by nature and can count climbing in the Himalayas and sailing the wrong way across the Atlantic alongside his achievements as a serial social entrepreneur.

He has dedicated his career to the sustainable business agenda and brings particular expertise in planning and leading complex multi-stakeholder partnerships, having worked internationally over many years with leading organisations across a variety of sectors to develop strategies for sustainable futures.

He holds a One Planet MBA with distinction from the University of Exeter Business School and a Bachelors degree in Resource Management from the University of Reading.

When not leading OPEN, Tony is actively involved in business education, teaching on the One Planet MBA at the University of Exeter Business School and at the Moller Centre for Executive Education at the University of Cambridge.

He is a WWF One Planet Leader and holds Fellowships with the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Society of Arts and St George’s House, Windsor Castle.

Rutger Quak

Rutger is a Personal Productivity Coach, an Entrepreneur, and a Project Manager. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, ambitious employees and executives to achieve more of the things that matter most to them. He has gained extensive experience as a Project Manager, and he has lead multiple project teams in the renewable energy sector. After having worked in a large cooperation for many years, he recently found that he is more into entrepreneurship and innovation. He started his own company as a coach, and he is involved in a couple of social enterprises and projects.
To learn more about me visit my website:

Gabrielle Lods

Impact entrepreneur Gabrielle Lods has always cared about sustainability, she started selling cloth diapers with her brand Sustain a Bum, kept going with menstrual cups with Sustain a Living and now offers vegan & paraben free condoms with clear and transparent ingredients through the Green Condom Club.

Beat Edelmann

Beat is passionate about seeing people and organizations learn and grow. After his Master's degree in social work he counseled visually impaired persons for eight years. Then he held positions in further education, web projects, internal communication, IT projects, online marketing and training, He worked in private companies as well as in non-profit organizations, on the Swiss and the international level. He speaks English, French and German fluently, and has a fair knowledge of Spanish and Persian. In 2016 he started working as an independent coach.

Every person and every situation is different. With his approach he helps individuals and groups to grow and to find the solution that fits them. His professional career, his life experience as a father and his interest in a broad range of subjects gives him an exceptional understanding of the many challenges of business and private life. He emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking and exchange.

He likes swimming, watching movies, traveling, hosting travelers and learning more about the Iranian culture.

Diego Estrada

Diego is a Management Consultant, specialised in finance and operations. He has more than 8 years in financial consulting, helping local and global companies to optimize operations, cost management and performance through the simplification and improvement of processes, and the design of sound business practices.
He has helped +20 clients in financial services, international development, mining and retail to translate their strategy into results.
Currently he is part of an international consulting team that provides consulting services to International Organisations and NGOs in Geneva, Switzerland.
He grew up in Peru, a beautiful historic country. As many emerging economies, Peru has become a good environment for entrepreneurship and small business development. Growing in this kind of environment has increased his desire to contribute to create more opportunities for young people. Having this in mind, one of his personal goals is to help small and medium size start-ups or businesses owned by young entrepreneurs to compete in fair conditions with big corporations.
Diego holds a major in Business Administration and PMP certification.

Dr. Novie Johan

Novie Johan, Ph.D., M.B.A., B.A. runs a personal and corporate consulting and coaching practice. Her main areas of expertise is Learning, Transition & Transformation, Personal & Professional Development, Cross-cultural Analysis, and Career Management. She has published and presented internationally in the fields of Management, Education and Sociology, and Hospitality & Tourism.
Novie has worked and lived in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America and has travelled extensively. She studied at the University of Cambridge (UK), University of Surrey (UK), University of Guelph (Canada), and Swiss Education Group (Switzerland). In addition, she lectured & researched at the University of Surrey (UK), Griffith University (Australia), University of Guelph and Ryerson University (Canada).
Novie is a Fellow of Higher Education Association, and an Affiliate of the Institute of Coaching (McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate), a Member of Academy of Management and Association of Coaching. Travel and philanthropy are her passions as she continues to work internationally on research and projects that bring positive social impacts and transformations. During her time off, she enjoys yoga, dancing, rock/ice climbing, and attending various sports and cultural activities.

Martine Corthésy, ACC

“Slasher” even before this term is invented, Martine is a certified professional coach since 2005. Her approach is based on the origin of coaching i.e. “the Socratic method” also known as maieutics employed to bring out definitions implicit in the interlocutors' beliefs, or to help them further their understanding – and so find (again) leeway for inner choice.

Passionate about communication, personal and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and empowerment, collective intelligence is at the core of everything she does.

Martine’s broad and diverse experience as a comedian since her childhood, TV & radio host, theatre coach, facilitator or freelance writer in parallel of 15 years in admin leaded her to start her own businesses in 2015 Zebra Coach, coaching for zebras and other non-ordinary species, holistic support in project achievement).

After having being International Coach Federation (ICF) Switzerland Board Member for 2 years (2015-16), she kept up volunteering in 2017 by joining "Les Samedis du Coaching" as a Professional Coach + the PWN (Professional Women’s Network) as a Mentor.

Fully trained twice in professional coaching (2004-5 & 2013), Martine’s continuing education process includes Nonviolent Communication, clinical psychopathology & Somatic Coaching. She is herself a trainer in public speaking, personal development and active listening.

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